Dot Tel Domain Advertising Services

Thetabiz Corporation provides unique and efficient Dot Tel Domain advertising services. We are connected with domainers which own hundreds and hundreds of Dot Tel Domains. The unique feature of Dot Tel Domain is that with the domain you purchase, you get everything you need: your online management interface, your web hosting and your online presence, without web designer and without other extra expensive services.

Dot Tel Domain Services We Offer

Dot Tel Domain Ad Placement

Placement of advertising on hundreds of your own Dot Tel Domains at once. We charge this service US $1 per domain, and you should have minimally 20 domains. You would supply the advertising title, description and URL, and list of Dot Tel Domains including some temporary credentials. We would publish advertising on either 2 of the top positions, 5 of the right positions or 5 of the bottom positions, by charging you US $1 for each domain. If you are domainer, you will value this service when you wish to sell advertising on hundreds of your Dot Tel Domains to some company. You sell for 5 dollars a domain per month, and you pay only US $1, once.

Dot Tel Domain Advertising Partnerships

We can negotiate and place your advertising on hundreds of other Dot Tel Domains at once. Such service has variable fees, but inquire for details with your needs and we can give you nice offer which will be worth for your business.

Dot Tel Domain Sales Services

Dot Tel Domain "Purchase This Dot Tel Domain" services. As you can see on ToBuy.Tel, we can place advertising on Dot Tel Domains which has only ONE link, like your website where someone can purchase your Dot Tel Domains, or any other domains. Once the link has been clicked, customer can be directed to merchant account, Google Checkout, Paypal or other online payment service and can immediately purchase the Dot Tel Domain or other domain in question. Our software will automatically recognize the domain, the correct price and can offer choice of merchant accounts to the potential buyer.

Dot Tel Domain Programming Services

Programming for Dot Tel Domains: if you need special services for Dot Tel Domains, such as programming, automatica updating, Dot Tel Domain linking, advertising placement and similar, let us know, and we will make you nice and affordable offer for your special needs.

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